Tensolab 3

Tensolab 3 tensile strength tester 2512a

Electronic semi-automatic strength tester for fabrics, ribbons, strings and yarns. C.R.E. tensile strength measuring system.
Zero self-resetting after every test. Automatic pretension of the sample under test.


Tensolab 5000 Tensile strength tester 2515

Two-column universal electronic strength tester (CRE) developed to meet the high quality testing requirements of universities, research institutes and leading companies. With a maximum capacity of 5000 kg (50 kN), it is suitable to test also technical textiles, geo-textiles, non-woven and industrial textiles in general.


Autodyn II Automatic tensile strength tester 2514

Modular strength tester designed to execute automatically tensile tests and hysteresis cycles on yarns; it semi-automatically executes traction, compression, tearing test on fabrics, covering adhesion tests, tensile test on yarns and hanks (lea test).
Automatic single column strength tester with movement resulting from a ball bearing screw; it is controlled by a software which runs all the functioning phases.


Crease Recovery Tester 3109

To determine recovery characteristics of fabrics undergoing a preset pressure for a specific period of time.


Wrinkle Recovery Tester 3110

To determine fabrics resistance to wrinkling.
Equipped with one standard comparative photo-kit, one 0.5 kg weight, one 1 kg weight, one 2 kg weight, and two fixing clamps with support.


Crimp Tester 320A

To determine crimp on yarns, caused by weaving and knitting processes.
The device is used also to measure with absolute accuracy the length of a yarn section, in order to determine, after weighing, the count.


Martindale 2568

Instrument for the control of abrasion and pilling on all types of fabrics. Model with 9 positions with LCD touch screen display equipped with single and total rotation counter.

Supplied with 2 sets of weights of 9 and 12 kPa.

3 types of test can be performed: abrasion, pilling, and straightline motion.


Burstmatic Bursting tester 338E

Pneumatic bursting tester to determine the bursting resistance of woven and knitted fabrics, non-wovens and cardboard.

The instrument measures the required pressure necessary to burst a tested specimen as well as the specimen extension prior to bursting. Such test can be carried out in two different ways:

following a specific testing standard already present in the software;

free adjustment of testing parameters.



Spray Rating Tester 333A

To determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics.

As optional, a standard photo kit is available (code 333.2)


ICI Pilling & Snagging Tester 4 positions 279G

Instrument particularly suitable for testing pilling on knitted fabrics.

Upon request, 2-position model (code 279H) can be supplied.

Model with four boxes.

Complete with revolution counter.


Digital electric-hydraulic Bursting Tester 338D

To determine fabrics resistance to bursting.

Pressurising device with precision volumetric pump.

Safety valve for pressure control. Control lever for test execution, emptying operation and automatic zero setting at release.

Control device run by an electric engine at variable speed, with automatic stopwatch to check test duration.


Elmendorf 275A

Instrument to test tearing resistance of cloths, artificial leather, paper.


Pneumatic Fabric Stiffness Tester 3396

For the quick and accurate measurement of fabric stiffness.

A plunger of 25,4 mm (1 inch) diameter pushes the fabric through a 38 mm (1,5 inch) diameter hole and the maximum force is recorded.


Thickness-Lab Thickness tester 1880

Laboratory thickness tester, with digital reading, suitable for woven and knitted fabrics, non-wovens, geotextiles and leather.

Reading capacity from 0 to 10 mm, with 0,01 mm accuracy.


Water Proof 3241C

Instrument for the analysis of the water permeability of textile materials. It enables to determine the hydrostatic pressure needed for water passage through samples. It also measures the resistance of the samples to water passage at a constant hydrostatic pressure.


Air Tronic Air permeability 3240A

Instrument to measure directly the air permeability (considered as the speed of the air flow passing vertically through a sample in specific set conditions) of woven and knitted fabrics, industrial and technical textiles, non-wovens , artificial leather, felts and paper.

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Elmatic Elmendorf tearing tester 275D

The only ELMENDORF on the market able to automatically perform the following operations:

sample cut

release of the laceration pendulum

reading of the laceration value

blocking of the pendulum

reset of the pendulum into the starting position

Suitable for all kinds of clothes, technical and protective fabrics, as well as for paper, cardboard, natural and artificial leather.

Вырезка образца, освобождение разрывающего маятника, считывание величины усилия разрывания, запирание маятника, возврат маятника в исходное положение. Пригодно для всех видов швейных изделий, технических и защитных тканей, а также для бумаги, картона, естественной и искусственной кожи.


MacroLab Yarn-fabric analysis 250F

High performance computerised system conceived for the analysis of fabrics and non-wovens, etc.

Ideal to analyse yarn structures, detect defects, reduce warp and weft density of fabrics to a cm or an inch, and to analyse mechanical parts.


Portable Microscope 2604

Pocket-size microscope with 40X magnification and grazing light.

Microscope for fabrics 191G

Microscope for fabrics 191G

Stereoscopic microscope with trinocular head frame, particularly indicated for fabric and yarn analysis.
Standard magnification from 7X to 45X.
Incident and transmitted illumination.

Circular Sample Cutter

Circular Sample Cutter 175B

Cutting area: 100 cmІ.
Cutting depth: 5 mm. Model with 4 blades.
Equipped with one cork support plate and four spare blades.

Electronic balance per

Electronic balance per m2 165.664
Digital reading electronic balance particularly suitable to check the weight per mІ of fabrics and paper, by means of pre-cut round cloth samples with a surface of 100 cmІ.

Iso Flammability Lab_1

Iso Flammability Lab 3392E

Instrument to determine the flammability resistance of textiles and the flame propagation rate onto vertically oriented textile materials.

Suitable to test:

protective fabrics
technical fabrics in general
clothes and furnishing fabrics
The instrument can be also used with toys, as well as with both natural and artificial leather.

Flammability Tester

45° Flammability Tester 3392C

Laboratory instrument to determine the flammability resistance of fabrics exposed to a flame with an angle of 45°. Automatic model with timer (in seconds) that automatically stops at the desired time.

Horizontal Flammability Tester

Horizontal Flammability Tester 3392D
Automatic instrument to determine the flammability resistance of all kinds of materials used both in the automotive and aircraft industries. Equipped with a timer (in seconds) to control the ignition time.

Vertical Flammability Tester

Vertical Flammability Tester 3392G

Automatic instrument to determine the flammability resistance to a vertical flame of apparel fabrics, protective fabrics, curtains and children’s sleepwear.
Equipped with a timer (in seconds) to control the ignition time.

Sweating Guarded Hot Plate

Sweating Guarded Hot Plate 3123
Highly accurate instrument to determine the physiological “comfort” of fabrics.
Testing is performed by means of a transparent hot plate, called “skin model”, that simulates the process of heat and humidity transfer occurring in proximity of the human skin.

Crock Meter

Crock Meter Rubbing fastness 2540

Instrument to determine colour fastness to rubbing, fitted with a digital reading counter. The instrument is supplied complete with a rubbing dowel with 1,6 cm diameter, a dowel with 1,9×2,54 cm dimensions, no. 2 interchangeable weights 9 N and 22 N, and one set of crocking clothes.

Electric Crock Meter

Electric Crock Meter Rubbing fastness 198B

Electric model to determine colour fastness to rubbing, fitted with a digital counter. The Crock Meter is supplied complete with a rubbing dowel with 1,6 cm diameter, a dowel with 1,9×2,54 cm dimensions, no. 2 interchangeable weights 9 N and 22 N, and one set of crocking clothes.

Forced Ventilation Conditioning Oven

Forced Ventilation Conditioning Oven 251G

High-tech oven suitable for crimp checking in yarns and for checking the dimensional stability of fabrics in hot air.
Suitable for the hot cleaning of mechanical spinnerets, for drying and heating of any type of textiles.

Sample Press Lab

Sample Press Lab 1750A

Hydraulic punch cutting machine with high cutting capacity.
Ideal to cut textile, leather, rubber and soft plastic specimens, to be used for different types of testing (such as strength, weight per square metre, flexion, bursting tests, etc.).

“Hoffman” Press

“Hoffman” Press 3370A

Ironing machine to check fabrics dimensional stability during ironing tests.
Automatic execution of the pressing cycle, sample steaming and suction cycle.
Test programs are available in the control unit.

Scorch Fastness

Scorch Fastness Sublimation tester 312A

To determine colour fastness to hot pressing and dry heat and to perform sublimation tests.


Perspirometer 251L

Instruments to check:
colour fastness to perspiration, in compliance with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 105- E04; BS 1006; BS EN 20105; AATCC 15; IWS TM 175
Colour fastness to swimming pool and sea water, in compliance with the following standards UNI EN ISO 105 E01; BS 1006; BS EN 20105; AATCC 106; AATCC 107; IWS TM 6.
Colour yellowing to phenol, in compliance with ISO and AATCC standards.

Solarbox 1500

Solarbox 1500 Light fastness 325A

Equipment for the analysis of the colour fastness to the light of a 1500W Xenon lamp.

Xenon Lab

Xenon Lab Light fastness 325E

Equipment for the analysis of the colour fastness to the light of a 1500W Xenon lamp in a chamber with preset humidity, controlled by ultrasonic device.


Wascator 310B

High precision washing machine officially acknowledged as a standard reference for washing tests on fabrics. Wascator is also suitable for checking effects of washing detergents and chemical products.

Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer 3111

Recommended model to dry samples, washed with Wascator code 310B.

Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry Cleaning Machine 310F

Dry cleaning machine internationally acknowledged as a standard reference to check the dimensional stability of fabrics to dry washing.

Standard Adjacent Fabrics

Стандартные смежные ткани

Пригодны для проверки потускнения цветов согласно стандартам ISO 105 (BS 1006).

Blue Scale 325.2

Set of 50 cards in pure wool, each with 8 sticked blue scale gradations

Grey Scales

Grey Scales
For checking colour staining and fastness, according to ISO 105 (BS 1006).

Autowash II

Autowash II Wash-Dry fastness 311L

Instrument to determine the colour fastness to dry-cleaning or washing.
Fitted with a computerised electronic temperature controller, accuracy ±1°C.

Front-loading Home Tumble Dryer

Front-loading Home Tumble Dryer 3111A

Tumble dryer machine with loading system from the front, to dry samples after their washing with the Home Laundry Washing Machine code 310C.

Top-loading Home Laundry Washing

Top-loading Home Laundry Washing Machine 310C

Washing machine with loading system from the top, to simulate domestic washing cycles. Equipment selected and certified by AATCC.

Multifibre DW 010

Multifibre DW 010 257.424

Standard fabrics for colour staining tests, according to ISO 105 (BS 1006) norms, F10. The fabrics are made of fibres: secondary cellulose, acetate, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic and wool.

Multifibre TV257.426

Same as DW010 code 257.424, but for washing tests at high temperature.

AATCC Crease Appearence Replicas

AATCC/ISO Crease Appearence Replicas 310.94
Набор из 5 стандартных эталонов, предназначенных для визуальной оценки складок на ткани после стирки.

AATCC_ISO  Smoothness Appearence Replicas

AATCC/ISO Seam Smothness Appearence Replicas 310.96

Комплект эталонов, предназначенных для оценки гладкости на тканях после появления швов на тканях после чистки.

AATCC_ISO Seam Smothness Appearence Replicas

AATCC/ISO Smoothness Appearence Replicas 310.74

Комплект из 6 стандартных эталонов, предназначенных для визуальной оценки гладкости на тканях после стирки.

Soap Powder

Soap Powder 310.10

To perform tests of colour fastness to washing, as per the ISO 105 (BS 1006), CO1-CO5 standards.

ECE/IEC Reference Detergent
Detergent with or without bleaching agents, to be used for the colour fastness tests to washing, following the ISO standards.

Vapour Permeability Tester

Vapour Permeability Tester 3122

To check the resistance of textiles to water vapour penetration.

Water Vapour Test
Water Vapour Test_1

Water Vapour Test 3395

Instrument to analyse the water vapour permeability of leather industrial fabrics and all permeable materials. Sample rotation speed: 75 ± 5 rpm. Ventilation system: with 3 blades rotating at 1400 ± 100 rpm.

Static Lab

Static Lab 291B

Equipment suitable for checking the static electricity properties of clothes, protective fabrics, shoe fabrics and leather materials.

Glove Tester

Glove Tester Glove cut tester 3394A

Equipment for checking the resistance of protective cloths to cutting. Suitable to perform tests on protective gloves against accidents, according to the EN 388 standard.

Air & Water Leakage Lab

Air & Water Leakage Lab 2571

Instrument to check the resistance of protective gloves and shoes to air or water pressure, and verify possible leakage points.
Supplied complete with accessories to support gloves and shoes and blowing device.

Impact Abrasion Lab

Impact Abrasion Lab 2563

Laboratory instrument suitable to:
Determine quality of protective suits like motor rider suits (both one piece and detached), gloves etc. Made to protect motorbikers from injuries caused by impact against the road surface.